Crunch, crunch, crunch,
Flutter, flitter, flutter,
A magical world of winter falls overnight,
A crisp white canvas,
Smooth, untouched, inviting,
Joyful snowflakes gently trickle to the ground, tickling faces as they fall,
Zingy, cool and dangerous ice swooshes and zips by,
Crumbling, booming snow cascades from above.

Flutter is an interactive, immersive performance for 2-6 year olds that takes its audience on a multi-sensory journey through a world of winter snow.

Part installation and part performance, Flutter will transport you to a world filled with snow drifts, winding paths and twinkling stars. A rich palette of materials, puppetry and music combine to create a tactile and multi-sensory show for small hands, eyes, ears and noses. Based around a series of connected short stories, the piece is all about the rhythms of winter; transformation, hibernation, frost, thaw and renewal.

Creative team:

  Cast: Melanie Jordan & Christie Mitchell

Directors: Matt Addicott & Arran Howie

Dramaturg: Alex Bird and Ross MacKay

Production Manager: Mickey Graham 

Stage Design: Arran Howie and Alex Bird

Sound Design & Composition: Jim Harbourne 

Technical & Lighting support: Andrew Gannon.

We are currently taking bookings for Flutter in Winter 2018 and 2019. Please contact if you are interested in having the piece at your venue. We will be sharing details of where to see Flutter near you soon!