As many of you will know by now we have a new show touring schools this April, The Lost Things. I think we can easily say this is the show we have been most excited about getting our teeth into.

Ever since working in a primary school in Edinburgh, I became aware that despite being a world leader in children’s theatre, very few of those shows make it into primary schools and the quality of some of the shows that regularly tour is not high. We want to create an exciting and innovative show that really challenges and ambitiously pushes the boundary of what is possible with a show that can tour into schools. The Lost Things is something we as a company have been discussing for a long time and we can’t wait to let those thoughts and dreams come to fruition.

Perhaps, most excitingly of all, we are working with multi-award winning playwright Oliver Emanuel.  Working with a playwright for the first time and bringing another artist into the early ideas process has been rewarding and stimulating. We have been working on a script to take into the rehearsal room that really pushes us and we are looking forward to getting our teeth into it and sharing the story with you all.

The show was commissioned by the fantastic Imaginate. We have long dreamed of creating this show and of taking work to the Imaginate festival. As students we all volunteered and worked with the festival in various guises. One of the reasons, Tortoise in a Nutshell was formed was due to the mutual inspiration we found in the shows at the festival year after year. It is a joy to see such a huge amount of children enjoying world class theatre. It is amazing for us to be bringing work to one of our favourite festivals. We hope our show can ignite the imaginations of our audience just as the many shows at Imaginate ignited ours.

We will be blogging and sharing our progress in the rehearsal rooms with The Lost Things this spring. Stay tuned for more details and look out for us on Facebook and Twitter (#TheLostThings) too.