Feral in Margate and Poole are innovative pieces of visual theatre that combine puppetry, film and live sound to create and destroy worlds in front
 of an audience’s eyes. Bright, vibrant and idyllic everything resembles a haven of comfort. But as the walls are peeled back, stories of a  pair of community’s fall unfold.

Cross art form pieces, Feral in Margate and Poole seamlessly blend film and live performance. Puppeteers manipulate and bring to life a tiny worlds, while simultaneously creating a live animation, as they follow every breath via digital camera.

Tortoise in a Nutshell visited Margate & Poole over a period of six months, meeting with local shopkeepers, town councillors, school children and other important people to investigate what was at their hearts. As part of Fuel’s research project, New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood, the company created two new bespoke version’s of their existing production Feral and performed them to local audiences in one off special events.

Feral was original developed and presented by the National Theatre of Scotland as part of their Reveal Season 2012.