….And what a fantastic trip it was. The Theatre Royal in Margate kindly hosted us for a week of research into the town where, as part of Fuel’s New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood project, we are adapting Feral for a special pair of performances.

The project is a fantastic opportunity to explore the way we as artists can have a deeper engagement with the venues and communities we tour into. Engaging with our potential audience in January was really inspirational and has allowed us to storyboard something that we hope will really resonate with the town and its inhabitants. Prodding and stimulating discussion as we reflect the town we observed in the form of our show, Feral in Margate. This comes with its own challenges. How, as visitors to Margate, can we really, truly reflect the town and all its intricacies? How, as visitors, do we tread the line between making art that stimulates discussion and not just a show that advertises the town in a tokenistic way? All these challenges and more await us as we begin to create the show.

The research week was invaluable in trying to get to know the landscape, characters and soul of the town. It is a truly incredible place full of stories and history. From its glory days as Britain’s first seaside resort to its gradual decline and now upcoming resurgence, the character seems to flow through the veins of all who live there. It makes it a fantastically rich and artistically inspiring place to be. Now we are working hard to do it justice.  Luckily we have a fantastic team with us to make this possible.

Amelia Bird, our set designer has spent weeks pouring over images of Margate to recreate the town in Feral’s signature black and white style. She has been working hard and speedily….you can see the process below. This restaurant was inspired by a fantastically friendly Thai restaurant on the high street. This is one of several that Amelia has lovingly recreated as well as creating new characters specifically for Feral in Margate. We can’t wait to get our hands on them for rehearsals in March and make Margate come to life in our own unique way.