Our office, our build space and occasionally our rehearsal room is the large shed at the bottom of my garden.  Its unfair to call it a shed, it’s really a cabin, a large wooden structure with concrete flooring, running water and electricity. But to all intents and purposes it really is a makeshift place to run a company from.

In the winter we fill the place with small electric heaters to keep our fingers from freezing as we sculpt or type. In the summer, spiders emerge from all the nooks and crannies to reclaim their territory. It’s not ideal and as the company has grown and we have got busier and busier we’ve begun to outgrow our cabin.

The sets have moved out, we are looking into new office space and I’m slowly filling the place with bbqs and bikes….you know things a shed (CABIN) should be used for.  It looks like we will soon be saying goodbye to Tortoise in a Nutshell HQ.

But the Cabin will forever be our spiritual home. Tortoise in a Nutshell’s work shouldn’t abandon the shed completely. A shed is a great place to contemplate, a place of creativity, of make do and mend, of assembling what you can and making it work, of fixing. A temple where thought meets practicality…..

Actually, why are we moving out again.?