Tortoise in a Nutshell has existed as a touring theatre company for something like four years now, but this year in particular has been a really big one for us.

For the past twelve months we’ve been lucky enough to be on attachment as company in residence at Cumbernauld Theatre, developing a new co-production entitled¬†Feral. But our time at Cumbernauld has also given us the chance to focus on some of the other things that make Tortoise in a Nutshell what it is.

With that in mind we’re really pleased to be able to present to you this smashing brand new site, developed in conjunction with digital designer Marianne Butler. Please feel free to have a look around, we’ll be adding more and more content over the coming months, including details on upcoming performances, behind the scenes videos, details on our mailing list and much much more.

Alongside the site we’ve also had the chance to give our logo a bit of an overhaul. Our new designs, put together by freelance digital illustrator (and cake design extraordinaire) Ross Napier, will be stuck over everything we do from here on in!

We’re really proud of everything we’re pulling together here, but it would be great to hear any thoughts you might have whilst you’re looking through the site and as ever if you’d like to get in touch with us please feel free to give us a shout at